K7SKW Digital Group Updates
K7SKW BBS Status
The K7SKW Packet BBS has been circle-ing the drain for some time. The latest failure has been the loss of the RF output from the main 2M radio. The BBS has been shut down, and is currently under evaluation in the shop of KC7OAS. A temporary setup may be possible so stay tuned for further developements. 73 de KC7OAS you local friendly SYSOP.

System suggestions
Having trouble? Have suggestions to improve the IRLP Node? Please let your friendly neighborhood IRPL operators, KD7RCG and KD7PSG know.

Adjustments made to 007 and 123 status query codes...
KD7PSG - jon-
I adjusted the link radio keyup times to allow for additional delays in the link to King Mountain. If a user does a "007" or a "123" the link radio will key for 2 seconds before playing the status information.

New feature added to K7SKW IRLP node.
If you'd like to know the current status of the IRLP node, wait for clear air, key up for 2 seconds, then touch-tone "007" (just like James Bond). It will report:

"Link Clear" if the node is not connected to another node or reflector.
"You are currently connected to (node or reflector) number," if the link is active.
"IRLP node disabled," if the node is offline.

Just a reminder, touch-tones are not heard by connected nodes or reflectors, so feel free to use this feature!

IRLP Node open for general use
The Mt. Baker Amateur Radio Club Packet Group IRLP node (3276) is now available for use by any amateur operator. There are no prefix codes to use, just dial the node you wish to connect to and, when done, dial "73". Be sure to check out the list of available nodes to call using the website listed above. If you have any questions, ask on the King Mt. repeater, or email one of the MBARC IRLP administrators. Enjoy!

IRLP Node connected to King Mt. repeater
This weekend, the node was moved from it's simplex setup (145.460MHz 131.8Hz tone) to King Mt. (147.160 MHz offset 600 KHz 103.5 Hz tone). Many thanks to Bob, WA7ZWG, for his efforts to configure the repeater for IRLP use. Now, to use the node, just use King Mt. and the codes. You will also hear the node giving it's own CW ID via a new device designed and assembled by Jon, KD7PSG.

At this Tuesday's MBARC meeting, we will be officially rolling out the node to the general public. At the meeting, we'll be giving a demonstration and a technical and operational briefing.

IRLP Node Status Update
The MBARC IRLP Node is operating normally on it's simplex frequency. Use is currently restricted to certain group members who are assisting in setting up and testing the system prior to full deployment. However, you can expect the system to be available publicly in the near future! If you have questions or would like to participate in the testing, feel free to contact Greg at kd7rcg@arrl.net.

Node re-enabled for IRLP reflector use...
KB7PKL gave me a heads up, and asked to be able to listen to a reflector. During this transitional period, now that the node is not linked to a repeater, I put things in order to allow connections to reflector. In the future this kind of thing should be transparent to most users, once issues on the node & mountain are tidied up.
-jon KD7PSG

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